Getting jobs in Nigeria to look out for you

I love Nigeria. A country full of talented individuals! Whether you looking for professionals or individuals with manual skills, you get the best in Nigeria  The only problem is – availability of jobs in Nigeria are very scarce.

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Graduates and experience individuals now complain about lack of jobs. Graduates find it difficult to secure a job after going through a university to get a degree; Experienced working on the other hand are loosing their jobs. Even those still in employment do not know their faith.

Where do we turn to? What is in this country for our generation? .

In this short article, we will learn few ways that can lead us to land that dream job that we have been craving for. This is not a quick fix to the unemployment solution in the country but it is a solution that will help individuals to secure a paying job.

I have tried this myself and it worked for me. I was able to put what I learn from “How to let the best jobs in Nigeria look for you” into practice and it pays off.

This is no brainier, truly you can make a difference. Your difference will make those organizations with best jobs in Nigeria to to hiring you. In other to get them look out for you and experience, certain things are required of you.

Without to much talk, let us look at those things required of individuals looking for jobs in Nigeria. With these things in mind, you should be rest assured of a brighter career future.

Where is the opportunity?

Opportunities are everywhere. It all depend on where you look. To see these opportunities, you have to look deep and keep an open mind. Remember, there is no free launch anywhere.

As we say that things are tough, I will also tell you that, this is the biggest opportunity period to make something out of yourself.

What do I mean by this? How well do you use your time?

I can tell you today that the ONLY thing that can not be regained when lost is time. So, how do you spend your time?

Let us start to look at those things that will help secure your dream job.

1. Time:

Time is crucial in all we do. Making good use of our time and spending quality time doing what we know how to do best will pave way for that job we crave for.

Example: As a web designer looking to get a web designing job in Nigeria, you need to spend quality time designing various website to showcase on the internet.

Time spent creating these designs are not wasted, they add knowledge to you and at the same time, act as a marketing medium.

Best advice to web designers are to showcase their works on Freelance Websites in Nigeria.

You should always let your time be productive to yourself. Just try to put a check on how you spend your time and what comes out of the time spent.

Social media is a very good platform for many of us but many also do not know that more time are wasted on social media than any other websites.

2. Don’t embrace Social Media too much

Yes, social media is good. The question is, how do you use it to your advantage?

When it comes to getting jobs in Nigeria, It come with a price. As mention by a google insight expert in “Why Businesses fail in Nigeria“, the analyst said – Success comes with a price.

I will endeavor you to expend your time on social medial to be more productive. You will achieve more on social media if and only if you allow your creative mind to take control. Use social media to your advantage!

How do you use social media to your advantage? You will not go on social media posting that you are looking for a job, neither will you apply for a job through social media. But you can be creative; let those looking for what you have get to you through social media.

Yes, your creativity on social media will allow you to showcase yourself. This can lead to organizations or the best available jobs in Nigeria looking for you.

3. Visibility hold the key to you success

We spoke about time spent on social media above. Now, lets look at visibility and how best to make yourself visible to the people or organization that matters.

Market your expertise, showcase yourself and be pro active in your job search. Use the power of internet.

The internet have paved way for visibility, use this to your advantage.

What is the best way to use the internet to your advantage? By now, you should have known that the internet is use best to leverage and get you words out to the public. We it comes to visibility, internet is your best resources.

Do you know that many decision makers in Nigeria big organization now use the internet to scout for talents that will take their organization to the next level.

The concluding part of this article can be read on the Ways to get a good job in Nigeria.