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Stella Damasus condemned Nigeria Government.

I just watched an Interview with Stella Damasus – A Nigeria Actress fighting for the right of Nigeria Kids. Have u seen it?

You can watch the full video at

Stella Damasus

Best and Worst things happening to Nigerians & Nigeria « NBLinks – Nigeria Business Directory, Business, Jobs, News, Movies, Entertainments, MarketPlace & Propery.


In a recent survey of countries all over the world by the leading business company, we have been able to provide you with details of the good things that Nigeria as a country is doing well in and also the things that Nigeria needs to improve on. Do you know that in average, Nigerians are the most stressed-out individuals in the world.

With the analysis below, Nigeria and Nigerians should be able to see how Nigeria as a country and her citizen are compared with the rest of the world on basic necessities.


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Purpose of a Business Directory « NBLinks – Nigeria Business Directory, Business, Jobs, News, Movies, Entertainments, MarketPlace & Propery.

Business Directory

In today’s world, the internet technology have revolutionise the way in which many businesses operates. In the past, Business Directory are heavy, bulky book containing the list of either local businesses around us or international businesses. With the advancement on the internet technology, the old fashion technology are becoming obsolete. Business Directories are now an important part of the internet.


If you will like to know more on how you can easily increase your business visibility and profit, please read more on Purpose of a Business Directory.



Latest News – Hamza Al-Mustapha set Free

Lagos – News reaching our office today from a reliable source – The Court of Appeal sitting in Lagos has discharged and acquitted Major Hamza Al-Mustapha from the murder of Kudirat Abiola, wife of late Chief M.K.O Abiola. Major Hamza Al-Mustapha is an important personnel during the Late General Sanni Abacha and people believed then that he was the most fearful military man.

The judgment overrules the Lagos High Court’s judgment which sentenced him to death by hanging.

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Latest News – 29 Students, 1 teacher killed in a boarding school in Nigeria «.

Nigeria News

Report reaching our news desk indicated that 29 Students, 1 teacher have been killed in a boarding school in Nigeria by the Radical Islamic group.


News culled out from bigstory – Islamic extremists have killed 29 students and one teacher in an attack on a boarding school in northeast Nigeria.

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